3 Ways to Relieve Stress Without Your Phone

Do you enjoy spending time on your phone before heading to bed or need a break from studying? While playing with apps or games on your smartphone might seem like the best way to relax, it can actually cause you more stress.

With over 58% of adults were said to have used digital services as a way to relax, using your phone for texting and social media does not help your body out at all.

Here are 3 ways to relieve stress without your phone.

Increased Weight Gain

Did you know that the lack of sleep would increase your sugar craving? This means that the lack of energy will cause you to choose junk food rather than healthy options. While there is nothing wrong with talking with a friend or playing a game, this should not be the only way you can relax.

Find other ways to take the time to relax. The more you can calm down, the more your body will store memories, understand what you learn and improve creativity.

Get Your Body Moving

Your body needs time to relax, so why not skip the mobile screen and find a new hobby. Learn to dance, bike your bike, join a yoga class, or even play a sport with new friends. Whatever hobby you choose to do, just keep your body moving.

Learn Something New

Keeping your body moving during the day will help you to better improve your sleep during the night. Take a break from Snapchat or Instagram and spend time learning something new. You can try learning to cook, bake, go to the gym or even read a new book that you have been meaning to get started on. There are plenty of ways to relax and enjoy yourself that does not involve the use of a smartphone.


Switch off your device at least an hour or two before you head to bed. If you need to check your phone, you will need to ensure that you do hours before you sleep. The blue light from the device will make it even harder for you to get quality rest.